Efficient TV Bracket Installation Services In Wandsworth

TV Mounting Services Wandsworth Think hard before you attempt to wall mount a TV by yourself. Do you want to risk breaking it? Can you guarantee that the spot you've chosen can handle the weight? If you’re not sure then you need TV mounting team in Wandsworth SW18. We've performed hundreds installation services – your television will be fixed to a wall of your choosing, at the height you require and completely secure.

Behind the Scenes Of TV Installations in Wandsworth

Your TV wall fitting service will be carried out as follows:

1. Please tell our handyman where you want your television to be mounted. In addition, we’ll take a look at the length of the cables and the location of your sockets. These two factors could also impact the final placement of your TV.
2. We’ll measure the height at which your television will be fitted. This depends on your individual requirements
3. We’ll mark the areas on your wall where the brackets will be attached
4. Your wall will be drilled into, and the brackets fitted to it
5. The strength of both your wall and the brackets will be tested. Mounting fixtures can be then be put onto your television
6. Finally, your television will be placed onto the bracket

Get the ball rolling by dialing 020 3404 4392. Our advisers will answer at any time and give you a quote.

TV Wall Installation Services In Wandsworth SW18 That Work

Hire us now and get:

  • Real Results Guaranteed – You’re sure to be satisfied once your TV hanging service has concluded
  • An Insured And Reliable Workforce – We carry public liability insurance for your benefit, you’re always protected
  • Quality Services And Workmanship – Customers - past and present - have recognised our dedication to high standards
  • All Equipment Supplied – You won’t need to provide a thing, we’ll bring everything

No Limitations On TV Type

There's no sort of television that we can't securely fasten to your wall. In the past we've fixed LED, LCD, plasma screens, multimedia projectors, monitors for PCs, and many more! Plus, it'll be simple for us to hide the cables once we're done.

You can also rely on the specialists to take care of some other little jobs while we're in your home...

  • Hanging and wall mounting – A similar service suitable for artwork, mirrors, blinds, curtain rails, and much more.
  • Odd jobs – All those little to-do jobs that never seem to quite get done is what this service is for. Just tell us what you need!
  • Furniture assembly – We can even collect your items from the store you've bought them from before assembly. No limits on brand of furniture.

Opt for a Same-Day Service!

It'll take between half an hour and an hour to securely mount your television. This will largely depend on whether you've chosen a wall that can support the weight, and so on - all of which we can assist you with. If you wish to learn more about our hourly rates, go to our prices page.

Give us a call or contact us online at any time to get a quick quote on TV wall installation services in Wandsworth SW18. We can book you seven days a week. Sometimes on the very same day you call!

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