Painting and Decorating

Painters and Decorators from Wandsworth SW18

Revitalise your walls, ceilings and woodwork by booking a slot for interior painters now. As a homeowner, it’s normal to want to refurbish your property – let us help you out. However, we’re not  appropriate only for small residential buildings. You can also get us to complete expert painting services for hotels, department stores, and other commercial spaces. Take note that we’re also perfect for both landlords and tenants.

Decorators in Wandsworth SW18 Offering You:

  • Instant Quotes – which you can request over the phone or online. You won’t be under any obligation
  • On-Site Visits – from experienced interior painters. Show us exactly what you want done and we’ll advise you on the best solution!
  • Committed Specialists – who’re highly regarded for their responsiveness and work ethic
  • Non-Fixed Work Times – flexibility is important, and you shouldn’t hesitate to ask us to work around you
  • Reasonable Prices – you’re hiring a team that’s used to working within budgets
  • Full Service Satisfaction – putting you first is company policy, and the team are dedicated to performing their duties to the highest possible standard

Services We Offer

Painting woodwork is one of the two main jobs we can complete for you. Prior to painting we’ll place any decorations or other items out of the way. After this your woodwork can be treated with up to two coats of primer, dye or stain. Once this has dried three coats of paint, varnish or oil will be put down. Bear in mind that there is a drying period between each respective layer.

Painting walls and ceilings is another of the team’s specialities. All picture frames, curtains and other decorations will first be taken down. Then a primer or undercoat applied if required, and following that three coats of paint.

It doesn’t matter what you’ve booked us for, at the end of every service we perform a thorough clean-up! All equipment is provided, it is of an industry standard and includes rollers, pads, trays, sprayers, sealant guns, and much more. The paints you can choose from include water, solvent and speciality varieties.

How To Contact Painters and Decorators in Wandsworth

Make your appointment with experienced painters and decorators in Wandsworth on 020 3404 4392. You’re also welcome to tell us your needs via our live chat or request a service form.