Hanging And Wall-Mounting Services

Quality Hanging And Wall-Mounting Services In Wandsworth

hanging and wall mounting service in Wandsworth.Your job will be performed by professionals with years of experience. We’ll carefully mount mirrors, fit blinds, hang curtains, and much more for you! Take advantage of competitive prices and flexible booking slots. You can check our rates by visitng our prices page. Connect with us today.

Why Wandsworth Curtain Installation is a Favourite

Surely all handyman companies are cut from the same cloth? We happen to disagree with this sentiment, and introducing you to some of the benefits should help you understand why we think we’re different:

  • Reliable And Fully Insured – The loft ladder installations experts are covered by public liability insurance, should something untoward occur
  • Superior Workmanship And Standard Of Service – Your confidence is assured by consistent high standards, and a level of service that’s second to none
  • Well Equipped With All The Right Tools And Materials – To ensure each job is completed swiftly and efficiently

Getting It Right – One Step at a Time

Your tradesman uses a step-by-step approach to ensure a perfect result:

  • Measuring, Levelling And Marking – Tell us where you want the item and we’ll line it up. 
  • Drilling Holes And Hammering In Plugs – According to the marks made.
  • Screwing In Fixings And Mounting – Using strong enough screws to support the weight of the item to be mounted.
  • Final Adjustments And Levelling – Repositioning brackets if necessary, and double checking everything.

Your minimum booking is one hour, so you’ll never be charged for time that you don’t need. The time taken for a project will depend on the size and weight of the items to be hung. Book your hanging and wall mounting service for any day of the week, including weekends. Schedule your appointment for an evening if that’s most convenient for you.

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